Community Foundation Resources

FYI . . .

Community Foundations really do make a difference in the lives of many others . . . here are a few resources which you may find useful!

GRANTS.GOV – here you can find out all about how non profit organizations and find and then apply for federal grants.  With more than 1,000 programs and a whopping $400 billion of fed grants available it’s certainly worth taking a look.

The Foundation Center – here you’ll find the biggest directory of philanthropic foundations with lots of interesting stuff about how to write proposals to killer fundraising techniques.

 Board Source – here you’ll find great advice on how to build and maintain a really effective board of directors for a non-profit organization, with e-books and downloads and lots of info straight from the horses mouths about the issues which non profit managers really do face day in, day out.

Federal Agency Points of Contactthis great list tells you exactly who to ask for if you have a question . . . can save you hours of “holding the line” waiting for the person on the other end to discover exactly who you need to talk to, by which time they’ve inevitably gone to lunch.

Federal Assistance Award Data System – with quarterly reports of the data about financial awards which have been made by the federal agencies.

HHS GrantsNet – this comprehensive guide to the whole grants process is courtesy of the US Dept of Health and Human Resources.

National Grants Management Association – with publications, training and details of special projects which can help to empower grant-making recipients and agencies.

National Congress of Non-Profit Associations – NCNA, the network of both regional and state non profit associations with more than 200,000 members in 41 different states. The NCNA provides a link between the local organization and the national audience ultimately helping these associations to have an even greater impact on their local communities.

Corporation for National and Community Service – providing both service and volunteer associations with both training and information.

Legal Aid An online source to find out information about receiving help from lawyers and attorneys.


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